Transport yourself to the tropical paradise of the Comoros Islands with our pure and authentic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil. Distilled from the morning-fresh flowers of the Ylang Ylang tree, this exquisite oil boasts a rich, floral aroma with hints of sweetness and warmth.

Key Benefits:

  • Libido Enhancement: Known for its aphrodisiac properties, it can help boost libido and enhance intimacy, creating a sensual and romantic atmosphere.
  • Soothing and Relaxing: Indulge in moments of tranquility and relaxation as the calming scent soothes the senses and promotes a profound sense of calm.
  • Uplifting and Confidence-Boosting: Elevate your mood and foster a sense of self-assurance with the uplifting aroma, instilling a feeling of confidence and ease.
  • Supports Circulation: Helps maintain healthy blood circulation, promoting overall well-being and vitality.

100% Pure and Authentic:

Our Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is sourced directly from the Comoros Islands and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure purity and quality. Rest assured that our oil contains no fillers, synthetics, additives, bases, or carriers, providing you with the finest essence of nature’s bounty.

Elevate your senses and embrace the exotic allure of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil. Whether used for aromatherapy, massage, or personal care, let its intoxicating aroma transport you to a state of blissful relaxation and sensual indulgence.

  • Aromatherapy: Immerse yourself in a state of relaxation by adding 3-4 drops of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil to an electric essential oil diffuser or oil burner. Let the soothing scent fill your space, creating an ambiance of tranquility and serenity.
  • Pillow Perfume: Enhance your sleep experience by adding a drop of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil to the back side of your pillow on special nights and days. Drift off into a peaceful slumber enveloped in the captivating aroma of Ylang Ylang, promoting deep relaxation and restful sleep.
  • Bath Bliss: Transform your bath time into a luxurious retreat by adding 2-3 drops of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil to warm bath water. Allow the aromatic steam to envelop you as you soak away the stresses of the day, leaving your mind and body feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Body Care: Elevate your personal care routine by incorporating Ylang Ylang Essential Oil into your favorite products. Add 2-3 drops to massage oil, shower gel, shampoo, body oil, or cream to indulge in the sensual and uplifting aroma, leaving your skin and senses revitalized.

Safety Information:

Our Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is crafted with purity and quality in mind, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. However, it is important to heed the following safety precautions:

  • Non-Toxic: Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is considered non-toxic and safe for topical and aromatic use.
  • Non-Irritating: When properly diluted, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is gentle on the skin and does not cause irritation or sensitization.
  • Use in Moderation: Due to its heady scent, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil should be used in moderation to avoid overwhelming fragrances that may lead to headaches or nausea. Start with a small amount and adjust as desired.

Embrace the luxurious indulgence of our Ylang Ylang Essential Oil and elevate your senses to new heights of relaxation and tranquility. Whether diffused, applied topically, or incorporated into your bath and body care routine, let the captivating aroma transport you to a state of blissful serenity.

Pure ylang ylang essential oil


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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Authentic, pure, and undiluted Ylang Ylang (Cananga Odorata) essential oil, the exotic Aphrodisiac of a sweet, floral, and slightly spicy aroma.



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